Selva interrumpida. Collage of oil on canvas, digital printing on fabric and embroidery on fabric. 203 x 270 cm, 2020.
Barranquilla, Colombia. 1963.

Vicky Neumann studied in the United States, Rome and Paris. Her time at the Schools of Fine Arts taught her techniques of engraving, sculpture, drawing and painting.

Among his individual exhibitions, the following stand out: ‘De Micos y Hombres’, La Casita Chehebar, Bogotá; ‘Juventud sin divino tesoro’, at the Museum of Art of the National University of Colombia, Bogotá; Vicky Neumann, at the Caldas Art Museum, Manizales, Colombia. Her works are found in important public collections such as the Daleware Museum of Art and the California Museum of Latin American Art.

“Neumann lengthens the painting. There are no cuts. There are no lines that dictate where it begins and where it ends. That the paint comes out of the canvases and stains the walls is his way of appropriating the space and playing with it, in the manner of contemporary art. Neumann is, above all, concerned with the balance of the compositions, but balance and harmony in compositional terms do not correspond to a parsimonious notion of order or moderation. Her paintings are a meticulously controlled and intentional chaos that arises from an awareness of the balance between shapes and colors. That balance is established by her, and it reaches the viewer perhaps unconsciously”1…


1 Taken from the text Pintura y Capitalismo written by Sara Malagón Llano. 2015



Vicky Neumann. Title: 'Collage grande con cinta neón'
May 26, 2022 -
Jul 21, 2022

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