September 22, 2018 -
November 10, 2018
La Balsa Arte Bogotá
Artwork. Costa, Camilo Echavarría, 2018. La Balsa Arte Bogotá
The artist presents a continuation of a subjective and imaginary work on what could be thought of as the landscape of South America. But which landscape?
As the title of the sample suggests, ‘Atlas’ can indicate a totalizing effort, an exhaustive inventory, or a thematic compendium for different latitudes. However, the artist places us in front of different images populated by diverse geological processes, contradictory bioclimatic ranges, magnitudes and divergent scales. The landscape of our Andean America, so dreamed of, is a mythical construction, or as Hegel would say, a concrete abstract. The concrete thing is the concentration of many determinations, the unity of the universe in its multiple manifestations. It appears in mental processes as a starting point for the observation and conception of other notions. But it is abstract insofar as it is unattainable; not for inaccessible, but for vast, ethereal, diffuse. And imaginary. As an abstraction, it floats like an idea suspended in the air, unconsumable like history.
That idea is here, in the Atlas of the Andes.

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