September 24, 2020 -
October 16, 2020
La Balsa Arte Medellín
Aquí y ahora, La Balsa Medellín
From the serie Yarumos, Rodrigo Callejas. La Balsa arte Medellín

Group show


The experience of time changed. How to live, think, and work in this temporary renewed dimension that expands and contracts nonstop? Some artists took this forced break creatively to produce new artworks, freely, with the thematic or creative purposes that emerged from this moment.

This reborn space-time was taking form in consciousness, suggesting renewed ways of creative production.

The days were brought by a strange rhythm; they went shorter and shorter and also longer; the downpours felt closer and, the sounds of the city changed. The new circumstances and uncertainty made the usual rhythms of everyday life blurring. Something free emerged, fresh, a renewed awareness with the relationship with the environment and with other living beings, urgency for a new contract with the world.

Time has changed; it has been filled with a new urgency of strange expectations. Has taken a particular need that invites renew the ways of working; demanding us to test our ability to transform.
The sense of local and near, of the garden of the house, is renewed. The boundaries like the horizons are inventions of men. The bounds of the city are not in the urban webs or the extensions of space. The mental barriers are in representations we make of the possible worlds.

Ana Patricia Gómez Jaramillo.

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About artists

Ana Maria Velásquez
In a game between fragility and strength, Ana María Velásquez's installations and sculptures are built from the meticulous collection and classification of everyday industrial waste: milk bags, plastic elements, industrial packaging and simple hardware elements such as guides and cables: nuts and bolts. She uses current invoice paper, residue from the accounting of everyday consumption, as an element to build dim mobiles. These various pieces are rearranged and assembled to simulate ghostly urban landscapes of the Big Apple, or to recreate flocks of vultures, astonishing creatures that inha...
The work of Martha Lucía Ramírez is characterized by her empathy with human emotions; from her feminine condition, she attaches fundamental importance to the expression of feelings, as well as to the great intertwining of solidarity. Her work considers contemporary experiences of mass migration, forced displacement, and solidarity networks, giving these recurring situations an epic dimension. Human chains, groups crossing rivers, carrying their belongings on their backs are associated with geographic drifts, in which entire continents are in motion. Mass communication sources feed her visua...
Visual Artist from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and Master in Fine Arts at the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano. His work has been featured in group and solo exhibitions, among the most outstanding are: SIART International Art Biennial, La Paz, Bolivia (2016) and Totem Corporación Artística y Cultural, Bucaramanga, Colombia (2017). In addition, she was awarded some distinctions such as: II Premio Arte Joven FUGA, Bogota, Colombia (2017).
Master in Plastic Arts from the University of Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia. He is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Plastic and Visual Arts at the National University of Colombia, Medellín campus. Marín is a teacher of Graphic Design, Illustration and Visual Arts. He has participated in different residencies such as Taller 7 (2014) in Medellín, Colombia; CuBO.X, Casa3Patios (2015) in Medellín, Colombia; Residencias [R.A.T.] (2015), in Mexico City, Mexico; FLORA ars + natura (2015) in Bogotá, Colombia; Bitamine Factoria (2017) in the Basque Country, Spain; Residencia en Bloque ARTBO I...
Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island and Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University, New York. He has participated in exhibitions nationally and internationally, among the most prominent are: Museo de Arte de Pereira (2011), Museo de Arte Moderno de Cartagena (2013), EACHEVE, Guayaqui, Ecuador (2021) and different galleries in New York, Colombia and Mexico.

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