March 4, 2021 -
April 17, 2021
La Balsa Arte Bogotá
Los 7 del barrio, Medellín
Panorámica sala principal. Los 7 del barrio +2, La Balsa Arte Bogotá

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“We are a sign that is not read/ we feel no pain/ we almost have/ lost our tongues in foreign lands” (Friedrich Hölderlin)

The exhibition titled "Los 7 del Barrio Colombia" (plus two guests) assembles a group of artists from Antioquia that have settled themselves in five workshops in the central neighborhood of Medellín, charcterized for the presence of vast quantity of shops that revolve around the automotor center. It is an active area, surrounded by artisans in diverse crafts, near the current MAMM, area of varied and mixed uses, diversity and economic activity.

"Los 7 del Barrio Colombia" do not have a formal agenda in common; what sets them apart is their interest for developing productive techniques within the group, self manage their work in most cases and welcoming other artists that, having their studios in other places, gravitate like planets around the group. The warehouses 'Bunker' and 'Sede Principal', originary from the group, distribute themselves in different floors, with real craft workshops complementing the grand offer and diversity belonging to the area in regard of metalworking, cutting and dubbing, casting, turnery and carpentry, etc. When the night starts closing in, you do not have to wait long for the wine, music, friends and conversation to appear.

The group evokes the 'urban' generation of "Once Artistas Antioqueños", whose first colective sample was organized by Alberto SIerra in 1975. Of these (Umberto Pérez, Rodrigo Callejas, John Castles, Marta Elena Vélez, Hugo Zapata, Álvaro Marín, Oscar Jaramillo, Juan Camilo Uribe, Javier Restrepo, Dora Ramírez y Félix Ángel Gómez) it was said that their noticeable interest for all things urban constituted a refinement of the regional artistic scenery, advancing on customs and exaltation of 'race' in the school of the fifties in Antioquia. This generation "rolled all through the city as a place of creation as well as a predilect subject of representation"1.

Interests of the seven and their guests reflect a diverse scenery. They distinguish themselves from previous ones in almost every aspect; they come from higher education centers, they are varied and diversified, but a great sense of solidarity reigns above all, scarce in times like ours (and in general), they do as they please in the best way possible. Their shift in interests and perspectives is evident; maybe they are marked by the signs of time. With other artists based in Medellín they have in common the deepening in the possibilities of drawing, but you can also find outstanding paintings and video.

Ana Patricia Gómez Jaramillo, Director La Balsa Arte.
February 2021.

1 “El arte en Antioquia y la década de los setenta. Una interpretación”, Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín.

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Jeison Sierra
"My work is the result of concerns that wander through the landscape and that aim to generate dialogues with the viewer from a subjective vision. Drawing, painting and sculpture are a fundamental part of my creative process and my individual searches. The personal experience of having left my town has become the starting point and the trigger for this process in which Zaragoza is the contextual reference. My exodus constitutes the turning point in my life experience where the emotional burden of uprooting and loneliness in a context different from mine become triggers of meaning. Absence is...
Plastic Artist from the Escuela Popular de Arte de Medellín and Master in Plastic Arts from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Winner of the II Public Work. Madera Viva, Medellín, Colombia (2013). He has been co-founder and director of art spaces in Medellin. His work has participated in different exhibitions, among the most outstanding are: Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá (2005) and Museum of Modern Art of Medellín (2017).

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