January 28, 2017 -
March 4, 2017
La Balsa Arte Bogotá
Metamorfosis_ Miguel_Cárdenas_Meira
Panoramic. Metamorfosis, Miguel Cárdenas Meira. La Balsa Arte Bogotá.

Metamorphosis: transformation process where the object loses its form or state resulting in something different. For Miguel Cárdenas Meira, the transformation action exerted by art can be perceived through his objects, as an allusion to something known.

When we hear the word “metamorphosis” we can quickly get to the image of the recognized work of Franz Kafka, in which Gregor Samsa wakes up transformed into an insect while his family completely ignores the transformation he has suffered in his room.
The analogy between the loss of form of the protagonist and the constant decontextualization of styles and different moments of the history of art is one of the themes worked by the artist in the execution of his work. For this reason, it is not surprising to find in it references to Aduanero Rousseau, to surrealism, among other landmarks. The key is to understand that the processes prevail over substance, as a clear allusion to a philosophy of nature centered in the change and in the unity of all that exists.

The 'metamorphosis of art' can lead to the ‘Art of the future’, an unlimited combination of styles and forms that allow us to purify the very nature of what we seek to find in the object: the creation of parallel worlds product of the activation of the imagination. The idea of rootlessness from the original environment of the concepts, styles and elements of art, comes of the book The Imaginary Museum by André Malraux. His reflection on the universal, led him towards the search of the lost aura of art. In his museum, the definition of value was reframed of objects through time and their irremediable coexistence, in such way that The first time African art was united with Hellenistic Greece in the ideation of a space without walls where the imagination and the subjectivity of the creator allowed each person to form their own museum. He declared: "art is a lesson for the gods about the objects of the world."

In this exhibition Cárdenas shows us different objects and images taken out of context, in which are perceived some important elements such as the composition of the painting where the real and the abstract coexist; referents to history of art that can be recognized in a dog with Egyptian features and a mural conceived as a petroglyph or painting of the caverns, elements linked to the daily work in which the existence in represented. We can also evoke Ovid in whose poem The Metamorphosis where men turn into birds, changing the inert substance into movement and lightness.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island and Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University, New York. He has participated in exhibitions nationally and internationally, among the most prominent are: Museo de Arte de Pereira (2011), Museo de Arte Moderno de Cartagena (2013), EACHEVE, Guayaqui, Ecuador (2021) and different galleries in New York, Colombia and Mexico.

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