May 19, 2019 -
June 6, 2019
La Balsa Arte Bogotá
Planos y convergencia- Clavijo y del Valle
Panoramic, Planes and convergence, La Balsa Arte Bogotá

Group show

La Balsa Arte presents the recent work of two artists: Fredy Clavijo and Cesar del Valle.

Their common concerns revolve around drawing, the conceptual elaboration of each project and the expression of what can be understood as 'real' in its multiple dimensions.

About his participation, titled 'Diurno', Del Valle says: Starting from drawing as a technique and concept I address questions that relate it to reality, time and the craft, such as for example, is realism an absence of reality? in what times can the image be conjugated? what are the edges of drawing? "I think of drawing, reality and language as three lines that intersect, that misunderstand and celebrate each other, and blend into representations and presences."

The work presented concerns the representation of space. A hand pressing behind a glass places us in the virtuality of a plane. The fact behind the image could be called a 'play of forces' but when transformed into a two-dimensional expression, the plane is diluted into a virtual fact, leading us to face the inherent contradiction: which one is real? Are they different realities in two times, or is it really a single reality expressed in different ways?

For his part, Clavijo presents a series of precious drawings and some pieces made with leaves of the rubber tree called 'ficus elástica', visually developing his interest in the extraction of rubber in the Colombian jungle, both as an exploitation of the natural resource and as a historical, social and environmental problem. A reflection on nature and on the realities that take shape in it. The 'real' of the historical fact is opposed to the possibility as another reality. Machetes on which nature has done its work, covering them with earth, roots and leaves are as real as the jungle that devours all human constructions.

But as Giorgio Agamben expressed it well in his text "What is real", the quantum mechanics that led to the discovery of the atomic bomb taught us that everything is possibility, probability and in the most real of the real underlies the possible exception, deviation, variant or contradiction.

Ana Patricia Gómez Jaramillo.

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