September 26, 2015 -
November 7, 2015
La Balsa Arte Bogotá
Panoramic. Headbreaker, La Balsa Arte Bogotá
Intaglio, Frottage, Assembly and Photography, an exhibition of the work of Camilo Villegas in La Balsa Arte
Taking the puzzle as his point of departure, Villegas approaches an investigation into the formal possibilities that derive from the action of assembling pieces that do not fit, disregarding the images conventionally used as the guidelines to construction. Working on the background plane, the pieces of the puzzle insinuate fractals that, subject to the force of the hammer, are assembled in blocks that form diverse spatial clusters. This exercise explores various constructive possibilities based on the generation of nexuses between background and figure. In this process, the jigsaw piece is established as a universal sign and fundamental driver in a process of configuration.
The work as a whole operates on three levels.
First, on the spatial plane, either two-dimensionally or three-dimensionally, a complex work about the concepts of positive and negative, center, spatial limit and directionality is developed. Within the various configurations, a tension appears among these spatial categories, resulting in a reflection on perception as the labor of selecting, schematizing and abstracting the compositional elements of the whole.
Second, this project leads us towards a work of research in art. It evidences an investigative process that lacks a priori starting points. Research is assumed as an act performed in the manipulation of materials, in conducting experiments, in the exercise of "trial and error" both conceptually and formally. In this sense, this exhibition constitutes what Simon Sheikh refers to as a show/investigation, where the exhibition is not only a vehicle for the display of results but is also presented as a process in a state of flux, where new proposals appear and are updated in relation to the formats and thematic interests of the exhibition.
The third reading, and perhaps the most important, is that of the conceptual. What are these parallel universes that arise in a phantasmagorical manner? What does it mean to unite that which is by definition similar but also different? These and many other questions emerge from these landscapes made with simple yet enigmatic elements.
Ana Patricia Gómez J.

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