August 3, 2023 -
September 22, 2023
La Balsa Arte Medellín
Luis Fernando Peláez
Panorama. Sombra, La Balsa Arte Medellín

This exhibition proposes a network of delicate associations between light and shadow, exhibiting the work of two artists who represent two generations of Colombian art, where figuration and abstraction intermingle in subtle evocations of oriental aesthetics. Although Luis Fernando Peláez and Juliana Correa work with radically different techniques and procedures, they share a refined look, where time, the veiled, and the subtle are central axes.

In the case of ‘Nocturno’, the sculptural series presented by Luis Fernando Peláez, light emerges from the shadows (and not the other way around) allowing us to see the sensory and poetic qualities of the night and its deep reflections. The shadows give volume and also meaning to the form: modulations and grids suggest cities contained in their voids and in fragments of time.

Juliana Correa confronts us with a questioning of the apparent and deafening brilliance that accompanies the phenomena of growth, consumption and excessive accumulation of our era. Constructions that grow disproportionately in the midst of shadows and lights. Just like the lives that inhabit the limits, they risk and sustain themselves trying to balance on the edge. Silent hours reveal the overwhelming power of living on the edge.

Ultimately, this exhibition is an invitation to silence and contemplation, to observe the welcoming qualities of the penumbra.

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If reviewed within the western historical canons, the work of Diego Arango has a clear influence on avant-garde movements of the 20th century such as surrealism, abstraction, cubism and primitivism. Regarding the latter, Arango highlights its simplicity, its transcendence in time and its reverence for form. It is important to emphasize that these European avant-gardes spread throughout Latin America, which not only generated a transformation and appropriation of these movements with a nationalist vision, but also a renewal and positioning of Latin American art at a global level. Arango was ...
Industrial designer from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and a specialist in Creative Intervention from the Colegiatura Colombiana. She has more than thirty years of experience in design and textiles, fifteen of which she dedicated to leading her company and creating the OnA brand. During the 15 years of the brand she was recognized and awarded several times for the creative proposal and staging. In materials, processes and techniques, Correa explores the artistic potential of textile pieces. Each step in the creation of a textile piece becomes an opportunity to tell and weave storie...

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