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La Balsa Arte Medellín
Tierra para habitar- Jeison Sierra
Panoramic. 'Tierra para habitar', La Balsa Arte Medellín

From the world of art, the landscape is conceived as a set of subjective representations of the territory, to which an aesthetic-phenomenological character is attributed because it deals with the relationship of a subject with a represented or real territory.

This is what it means for Jeison Sierra to conceive the landscape as the primordial identity element that feeds his artistic work. The artist, originally from Zaragoza, Antioquia, describes from distant views, images that in an abstract way, are associated with the landscapes of his childhood, the history of his family, his homecoming. This is the autobiographical baggage to which his work alludes.

His project ‘Tierra para habitar’ continues to explore that longing relationship with the landscape, this time through the sculptural use of compacted earth as an element of ecological construction. Rebuild the landscape, compact it, fragment it and at some point, turn it into a house that rises above the geography of the tropical dry forest of the “Rio Cauca” canyon. A living house on an increasingly inert landscape as a consequence of the transformations that have occurred due to the industrialized and illegal gold mining.

These structures or sculptural landscapes are accompanied by a series of paintings made "natural" in the same territory, in the manner of the traditional landscape school. The fact is notable, since the middle of the last century the trend towards a cosmopolitan urban art relegated the genre of landscape painting to past historical trends. Today landscape painting becomes relevant as a gesture of persistence in pictorial work, but also in a renewal of global environmental awareness.

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Jeison Sierra
"My work is the result of concerns that wander through the landscape and that aim to generate dialogues with the viewer from a subjective vision. Drawing, painting and sculpture are a fundamental part of my creative process and my individual searches. The personal experience of having left my town has become the starting point and the trigger for this process in which Zaragoza is the contextual reference. My exodus constitutes the turning point in my life experience where the emotional burden of uprooting and loneliness in a context different from mine become triggers of meaning. Absence is...

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