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November 3, 2022
La Balsa Arte Bogotá
Under the mask, La Balsa Arte Bogotá

Facing the monstrous is a courageous act that opens questions about our own existence. In search of these answers, we explore different unknown scenarios of our being. The metaphors and allegories that constitute the poetics of the monstrous in Andrés Orjuela's work confront us with our unconscious, our desires, our deepest fears and all those passions hidden under the mask we wear in our daily lives.

Through the intervention of images from popular culture, Orjuela unveils the most ominous aspect: what creatures have we become under the filters of social networks and N95? With this interrogation he puts the politics of the body under suspicion, forcing us as spectators to confront that which generates fear, but at the same time a guilty fascination, since it turns the image into a mirror that reflects the monstrosity that inhabits us. The face behind the mask could be our own.
Orjuela installs a spotlight on the spectacularized bodies, an act that illuminates the political condition that is hidden under the ways in which we relate to each other.

He brings us closer to characters that play with the dynamics of representation and remind us of our most carnal aspect, for looking the monster in the eyes exposes the terrifying vulnerability of the human condition and evidences what happens when we grant the other the mask of the inhuman, the abject and the intelligible.

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Orjuela's work proposes a reinterpretation of certain social, political and historical events, whose analysis over time allows for multiple interpretations, even contradictory ones. Behind an image of King Kong a political criticism can be hidden. His visual repertoire is filled with elements of popular and mass culture: magazines, comics, press photo archives, toys, masks, family photo albums, rescued from street sales, among others. All these symbolic elements make up a rich and personal collection of images that the artist classifies, saves and consults in building associations for his w...

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