February 23 -
February 27, 2022
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News from nowhere

Deep space' is the newest frontier of hyper-advanced capitalism. Space research is now at the forefront of the research and data collection on the far reaches of ancient galaxies, red dwarfs, or nearby and distant asteroids, and imaginative and imaginary creations of all kinds of unexplained phenomena. Is it possible to wake up with an asteroid in your bed? As it turns out, yes. If there is someone out there, they have been able to hide without leaving any sign, for as Enrico Fermi asked, "Where are they?" We send signals and no one answers. In today's cold war for the domination of space and its inexhaustible resources, we propose a conversation that seeks to identify the dynamics, intensities and  tensions between the work of artists Jorge Barco, Radenko Milak and Juan Osorno.

Jorge Barco works with sound as a material. His work operates within a low-tech scheme; he recovers artifacts, electronic boards and objects used to produce machines that explore the sound universe of friction between asteroid fragments, among asteroid fragments, among other sensitive phenomena. Says Nazaré Soares: "In Jorge Barco's work we find an exercise of mediation that explores the technological ontology and subconnections with the and sub-connections with sound, nature, the cosmic and the human. Barco's research process expresses a persistent creative force that interweaves creative force that interrelates geology, engineering, mysticism, acoustic ecology and engineering, acoustic ecology and composition".

Radenko Milak elaborates in his gouaches the secret world of science, exploring images of NASA research objects. Based on documentary images, photojournalism or propaganda archives, his artistic practice ponders the formation of the contemporary imaginary coming from the continuous and endless flow of images of the world of images of the contemporary world. The use of images recovered by groups like 'McMoon's', or of those declassified by the those declassified by the U.S. government leverage her investigation of the leverage their research on the frontiers of knowledge in the Anthropocene, undermining the techno-archaeological one that simultaneously terrifies simultaneously.

In the series 'The Summer of the Rocket' Juan Osorno explores the images from science fiction. Through the and reconstruction of very low resolution films, now archived on Blu-ray, the artist recreates the characters of the first wave of films about science fiction and unexplained phenomena. Television series such as 'The Twilight Zone', made between 1959 and 1964, fed the popular imagination eager to approach para-normal worlds and encounters with otherworldly beings. At his drawings, he explores characters created in fear of nuclear war and the tensions of the cold war. The 'Cosmic Lottery series complements the imaginary of erratic and unpredictable events, simulating the unpredictable events produced by objects falling from the sky.

The title 'News from Nowhere', by William Morris, refers to the pleasure of artistic work, the goal of 19th century libertarian socialists. The book is set in a futuristic projection, where the character wakes up in the year 2000; he proclaims the return to the simplicity of the pastoral life, the elimination of machines and spasmodic speed; everyone works for the pleasure of creating, like the artists proposed here.

Ana Patricia Gómez - Director


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