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November 3, 2023
La Balsa Arte Bogotá
Cerca- Ivan Rickenmann
Panorámica de sala. Cerca, La Balsa Arte Bogotá

CERCA (Fence in english)

The fencing of a land or plot primarily responds to a need for shelter and protection against external threats that can put the lives of animals or crops at risk and, at the same time, a kind of containment and control of these.

But it is also a delimitation and definition of the territory and property, whether by inheritance or colonization. From a cultural and social point of view, this delimitation provides legal security that legitimizes their ownership, which promotes roots and identity with the land. The plot defines, in a certain way, the person; their activity, culture, roots...

This is more significant when the fence is made with materials from the environment such as branches, trunks, cacti, stones, mud... A harmonious relationship is generated between humans and nature; an integration and coexistence that reveals a certain respect for the land. In a way, fencing is a remodeling of the environment.

The fence protects life, culture and identity. It protects and delimits something valuable, but also something very fragile. Adverse circumstances such as droughts and natural phenomena resulting from global warming, or political and economic violence, force farmers to move and abandon their land. This results in a very strong cut with their roots, their culture and their identity, which end up blurred in a nostalgic, painful and increasingly distant baggage, or less close.

‘Cerca’ Series

They are mostly charcoal drawings on canvas, which allude to the concept of a fence as an element of protection and definition of a land.

The natural fence refers to the birds' nest; a kind of complex structural fabric, fragile and solid at the same time, that surrounds, contains and protects something inside. Something valuable. These structures are valuable in themselves because they emerge and are made based on what they contain.

The drawing is also constructed; These fabrics emerge and create strange volumes, creating strong rhythms and contrasts thanks to the surprising tones of charcoal. They are not just a visual reference to natural fences; they become fences themselves, almost three-dimensional structures, loaded with content, uncertain perhaps, but latent.

The terroir is also that plot. It's land. And a forced uprooting is not only the physical loss of the land, it takes life, culture and identity with it. Pieces of uprooted earth, like soil study samples, strong and heavy, wander through spaces that refer to the home, such as printed fabrics or wallpaper.

‘Cerca’ is a series of works that allude to protection, belonging and roots, but they are already distant images, memories perhaps. Heavy and valuable luggage.

Ivan Rickenmann- Bogotá, September 2023.

Selected images

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He studied at the David Manzur Workshop and later studied Arts at L'École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. His work has participated in various exhibitions, among the most notable are: Art Miami (1999), Panama Biennial (2013), Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá (2015), in addition to participating in different exhibitions in galleries nationwide and international. "In his work, Rickenmann seeks to rescue the character, personality and strength of banal things and the environment. Although urban spaces are recurrent in his drawings, Rickenmann also shows a particular interest in the nat...

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