November 23, 2017 -
January 20, 2018
La Balsa Arte Medellín
Entre Nos, La Balsa Arte Medellín
Panoramic. Between us, La Balsa Arte, Medellín

Group show

‘Between us’ implies that we have something to share, something personal, or maybe something new and surprising. It refers to the recognition of a particular field or topology in which the relationship between several people who share information is inserted.

It also means access to a confidence or a particular event, and for the artist, of a set of images that seek the right occasion to come to light.

La Balsa Arte invites us to share the admiration that links us to the work of the artists that make up the exhibition. We seek the contribution of recent proposals, but also of works from the archives of each one ... (works that we love very much, perhaps saved, which we would hardly part with), belonging to the imaginary of each one. We invite a visual dialogue that communicates a feeling immediately, urgently and lastingly.

The underlying intention is to share; make smile, surprise or evoke ideas aimed at the reflection of the state of things.It is also worth noting the inadvertent heroism of some projects that account for the energy of contemporary aesthetics.

We invite the viewer to become an accomplice of the artist's experience. The creative release, understood as the impulse from which the permanent need for production emanates, drives the need to create meeting places to share different ways of existing and to project ourselves to others.

In other words, it is about the ties between the 'I' and the world, about the need to establish internal and external equilibrium parameters. Among us, who encourages or reveals us? This question motivates the exploration of the artist's position against the spatial and conceptual fabric of the world, whose borders and peripheries are constantly

Selected images

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About artists

Jorge Ortiz Cancino
Jorge Ortiz se formó como publicista y comenzó a trabajar como asistente de fotografía en un estudio en Nueva York.  A partir del contacto con los materiales de laboratorio encontró su verdadera vocación en el arte y en la fotografía. Los materiales de revelado dejaron de ser medios para un proceso para convertirse en las herramientas que le permitieron experimentar con la luz, el tiempo y el azar.  Con estos medios comenzó a trabajar en Colombia, participando en el Salón Atenas de 1978.  A partir del 76, los enjambres de cables o las simples estructuras visuales que estos creaban en la esc...

Master in Fine Arts from the University of Antioquia. Winner of CIFO 2017 Grants & Commissions Program, Miami, Florida. Also, his work has participated in different exhibitions, among the most outstanding are: Museo el Castillo, Medellín, Colombia (2013), Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín (2013), Art Paris, Art Fair (2019), in addition to participating in various exhibitions in art galleries.


Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island and Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University, New York. He has participated in exhibitions nationally and internationally, among the most prominent are: Museo de Arte de Pereira (2011), Museo de Arte Moderno de Cartagena (2013), EACHEVE, Guayaqui, Ecuador (2021) and different galleries in New York, Colombia and Mexico.

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