October 28, 2021 -
December 22, 2021
La Balsa Arte Medellín
Diego Piñeros
'Uno no es lo que quiere, sino lo que puede ser' series.

Viewed from afar and unprepared, art and the meme could seem diametrically opposed in a circle of image production, consumption, and circulation. Art, traditionally, has been thought of as a unique, exclusive, original object and oblivious to the masses. However, and as Walter Benjamin predicted in his popular essay The work of art in the age of its technical reproducibility, this sacred perception of the artistic object would change radically with the arrival of the mass reproduction media.

This exhibition by Diego Piñeros García, from a formal, conceptual and political sense, reinforces that idea of the democratization of art: the use of plasticine as a raw material to create; the collection of images, the copy, the fact of eliminating the barriers between the original and the copy, the appropriation of popular culture with cinematographic, literary, musical and social media references, are a direct and conscious strategy to generate a close dialogue and familiar with the viewers. In addition, in Diego's work there is a constant game between humor, misfortune, accident and failure. There is a criticism of the standards of success that contemporary society demands, unbridled ambition, the institutional order and technology; from the selfie of the “Curiosity” on Mars, to the most innocent and subversive meme, the artist presents a vision of reality that is worth taking a closer look at.

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I am interested in reflecting on the relationship between man and technology, the erroneous idea of progress and the construction of concepts of nation, always questioning institutional history from a poetic vision. Having a great influence from cinematography, science fiction, history and music. I studied Art at Universidad de Los Andes. My artistic production covers various media between video, painting, collective processes and installation. Since 2013 I have been part of the CALDERÓN & PIÑEROS collective together with the artist Elkin Calderón Guevara developing audiovisual projects...

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