February 25, 2023 -
April 5, 2023
La Balsa Arte Bogotá
Boticaria- Yuli Cadavid
Panoramic. Boticaria, Yuli Cadavid.

Cure comes from the Latin curare, which means to care, and the act of caring for others evokes a concept linked to the feminine role and the idea of motherhood. Engraving refers to the action of digging on a support or matrix, and in turn, digging is related to the word concavity that returns to the woman's body, specifically to the matrix, a concave organ where life is gestated. The matrix, then, is a word shared by women and engraving.

The artistic production of Yuli Cadavid is traversed by her experience of being a mother and by that of the women in her family, from whom she has inherited traditions and memories such as those that give life to this project: the preparation of homemade plant-based recipes for curing diseases.

Apothecary arises as a tribute to the knowledge that these women keep in their repertoire of care associated with healing.

In her constant search to expand the limits of engraving, the artist incorporates elements such as pots and books. The pots, for example, become the testimony of the cooking of the concoctions, the ancestral knowledge of the plants and the oral tradition. At the same time, she resorts to the classification of plants with which she creates an herbarium, an activity associated with illustration and the development of encyclopedic knowledge.

This exhibition proposes to pay homage to tradition, but above all, to what in the artist's words is a pure act of love: care.

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Artist, engraver and teacher, graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Antioquia where she obtained the title of Bachelor of Education in Plastic Arts (2010), scholarship holder of the Master Printer in Lithography program of the Tamarid Institute of New Mexico, USA. (2007-2008). Co-founder and Director of Talante Taller de Impresión (2012), with teaching and research experience in the area of engraving for the implementation and use of less toxic materials in the graphic arts both locally and internationally (USA, Spain, Argentina and Mexico). She is currently a professor o...

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